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Being a part of XO means:


Participating in the Swim, Bike, Run and Strength training sessions.


Free training sessions on the weekend.


Racing at events in XO race gear and enjoy the Club camaraderie.


Being a part of one of the most amazing Multi-Sport Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago

Why Not Tri Programme


Why Not Tri (WNT) first started in 2017 to introduce the sport of triathlon to adults of all ages. Triathlon is a challenging sport, but we have proven that we can convert anyone who as the dream, commitment, and determination, into a triathlete.

This programme is ideal for those who want to get into the sport, but have no idea where to start. Run by our experienced coaches, aspiring triathletes will learn techniques of swim, ride, run that will see them complete the Rainbow Cup triathlon.

To join the programme, athletes must be able to swim 50m comfortably, and ride a bike. Athletes should also be in possession of a bicycle.

Look our for our Why Not Tri launch towards the end of 2019 where we will have a presentation event that outlines this amazing journey!

Juniors Programme 


XO launched its junior programme in April of 2019. It kicked off with a 4-day triathlon camp that concluded in a mini triathlon race.


We have had our junior members compete in 2019 Massy Rainbow Cup, as well as TTTF school events. Our programme welcomes both boys and girls in secondary schools.

Fill out the application form below to become a member

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