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XO Members 2019



- Derek Daniel
- Aliya Drakes
- Richard Jones
- Anthony Wharwood
- David Cockburn
- Leonard Birmingham
- Navindra Ramadhar
- Arlene Francis
- Glenn Ramadharsingh

- Miranda Morton-Gittens
- Adam Morton-Gittens
- Georgina Terry
- Stephanie Llanos
- David Flemming
- Lucien Bellemare
- Roger Brumant
- John Mollenthiel

- Luc Jesus Fernandes
- Ron Mollineau
- Swain David
- Kevin Ramcharan
- Jabari George
- Roxanne Birmingham
-  Michol Claxton
- Manuel Belfield-Matamoro

- Frances-Anne Clarke
- Lesley Garcia
- Jason Maitland
- Sheldon Cockburn
- Levin Cole
- Bernard Mc Clean
-  Kadela Sorias-Peters
- Christopher Chin Lee
- Rowland Mackenzie


- Andrew Mackenzie
- Pierce Dalton-Brown
- Graeme Boyack
- Nicholas Chin Lee
- Jonathan Junkere

- Adam Reverand
- Marvin Gillard-Bruce
- Evan Gillard-Bruce
- Matias Morton-Gittens




Derek Daniel


Founder and President of XO Multi-Sport Club aka Papa Smurf has a passion for outdoor adventure and being with those who share that passion. Derek started doing triathlons when it was introduced way back when and even served on the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation as a Management Committee member, which was in no small part due to the fact that his father-in-law, Barry Edghill was the President of the Federation back then. As marriage and family life kicked in the off road adventures became more appealing and he has competed in many adventure races (kayaking, mountain biking and trekking) with races ranging from 3 - 15 hours. He has a liking for endurance races and successfully competed in 4 BGTT Energy Challenges and 2 Fusion races. With the kids all grown up, Derek has returned to the sport of triathlon and his time and energy are now focused on building XO Multi-Sport Club and competing once again.


Aliya Drakes


Dey say she swim like a frog an run like a duck,
But when it comes to tri she does have some luck!
Cuz she does have a rell knack for findin a race,
Where she does end up wit a podium first place


David Cockburn


David started triathlon training at the beginning of 2015 as a way to keep fit. His main sport is swimming as he was a member of the swim team in high school. When he is not sleeping, working, in the pool, on the road running, or on a bike, he spends much of his time playing the guitar.



Helen Drakes


Where she feel she goin in her retirement?!! To the podium, that's where! XO's first senior citizen, Helen, aka Brownie Lady, Moms, Aunty, saw her biggest claim to fame (and her biggest trophy) at the 2015 National Duathlon Championships. Now a budding 5K-er and #1 cheerleader, Helen can be found jumping up and cheering on the sidelines shouting "Go XO!!!"


Helen Drakes aka Aunty, Mummy and Brownie Lady, but most of all #1 Cheerleader!


Reed Harper


aka Bad Man has a certain fondness for outdoor activities, cold drinks competing and wrestling with sloths. His favourite saying is "Bad man doh get tired!!"


Riana Harrinauth


Loves receiving gifts for her birthday, which is in September (wink wink). She likes a little bit of everything- running,cycling, swimming,spin,aerobics, yoga and golf.She chose XO Multisport Club because it never gets boring and has "d bess" members and supporters who keep her motivated and committed. #xotodeworld.


Navindra Ramadhar


Navindra Ramadhar aka Navin


Navin is a triathlete and ‘technopreneur’, and enjoys recreational shooting and drinking coffee.



Luc-Jesus Fernandes


Luc feels great being one of the first members to join XO. He has witnessed the growth of the club and all the great moments of his teammates from inception.  The camaraderie, the social involvement, the personal challenges of preparation, the racing and achieving of set fitness goals - it's all been sensational and he anticipates a lifetime of it.


As one of the youngest athletes in the club, he can safely say that all are definitely welcomed to the XO family!



Ron Mollineau


Ron got into the triathlon arena because of his daughter who is on the Autistic spectrum. Since then he has moved from a couch potato to enjoying running, riding and even swimming (had to learn to swim to do the first triathlon). Ron enjoys being part of XO! 



Jabari Williams-George


Jabari moved back to T&T about two years ago, after a LONG time living/studying abroad, and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer. He is constantly looking for ways to keep active, meet new people and see new places. With only a few months of membership, XO has helped him do all three… almost every week. And despite being ‘brand new’ to the competitive multi-sport world, He is already seeing results…thanks to XO!!


Jabari’s goal is to complete in his first triathlon by the end of 2016.

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