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XO members Ryan Mc Intosh, Shane Newallo, Richard Jones,  Angie Jones, David Welsh,  Elson James, Navindra Ramadhar and Derek Daniel participated in Costaat's 5k Race.


In the 30 - 39 Men's division we had Ryan Mc Intosh placing 9th in a time of 19.09 followed by

Shane Newallo placing 14th in a time of 20.05 and Navindra Ramadhar placing 49th in a time of 31.41.


Our very own Angie Jones placed 8th in the 40-49 Women's division in a time of 30:25.


In the Men’s 40-49 division, we had David Welch placing 13th in a time of 24.13. Following him was Richard Jones placing 26th in a time of 30.35 and Derek Daniel placing 27th in a time of 30:44. Elson James, also in this division, placed 34th in a time of 38:26.

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