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Special mentions:


Big up to the first time triathletes - Arman, Navindra and Reed!!! Well done! Also, we'd like to wish Simone a speedy recovery after injuring her shoulder/elbow yesterday during the race.


XO podiums!


Of course we didn't leave with just finishers' medals! XO had 4 athletes gracing the podium - 

Ryan (3rd place, male 30-39 age group), 

Miranda and Riana (1st and 3rd place respectively, female 30-39 age group) 

Shane (1st in male 30-39 in 3000m swim)


mention must be made of Aliya who selflessly gave up what I feel was a podium placing to render first assistance to a fallen competitor, Maya Nieves, a daughter of XO member Keith Nieves. Maya broke her collar bone in an unfortunate fall on her bike on the Grafton Beach road in an area that had no spectators or officials and Aliya stayed with her and assisted her until officials arrived. Aliya's 1:59 overall time is as good as a gold medal. Thank you Aliya for showing what XO is all about.



















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