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1.    What is Why Not Tri?
-    Why Not Tri is an initiative of XO Multi-Sport Club to challenge those who have thought about entering the world of triathlon but may not know where to start.

2.    What is involved?
-    The programme is 12 weeks long and is designed for those new to the sport. It will get you ready to achieve your goal of becoming a triathlete!

3.    How do I sign up?
-    Fill out the form on our website and pay the registration fee to become a member of the club – it’s that easy!

4.    Do I need experience in swimming, riding or running?
-    Athletes must be able to swim at least 25 metres, ride a bike, and at least walk.

5.    What is involved in a triathlon?
-    Triathlon is a unique sport comprised of three disciplines which are done in succession – first comes the swim, then the bike, then the run. There is no break in-between. The sprint distance consists of a 750 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike and a 5 kilometre run.

6.    When is the race?
-    We will be training you to complete the Rainbow Cup triathlon which takes place on Saturday 10th June 2017 at Turtle Beach in Tobago.

7.    What is the bare minimum I need for this programme?
-    XO trisuit (this is one uniform that you wear for the entire race without needing to change clothes for each leg).
-    For the swim: swim cap (for training) and goggles
-    For the bike: bike (of course, preferably a road bike), helmet, sneakers
-    For the run: sneakers, cap
-    Other: water bottle for the bike

We will provide our athletes with a full equipment list.

8.    Do I need to spend a lot of money?
-    How much each individual spends can vary greatly but there are going to be some costs involved that are unavoidable. You’ll have the race fee, travel to Tobago, accommodation and transportation in Tobago (staying in groups helps with the cost), trisuit and triathlon equipment. We will provide a more comprehensive outline of estimated costs at our Meet and Greet event.

9.    How much commitment is required?
-    Triathlon is more about consistency than skill; it is in your best interest to be consistent with your training. The training programme can be done on a minimum of 3 days per week (Saturdays are mandatory), and would be 4-5 hours per week.

10.    Can I really do this??
Of course you can! And, why not tri?!

Come out to La Cantina on Saturday March 18th to hear from all of us who have been in your shoes! Meet club members and coaches who will share their experiences and prove to you that you can do anything you set out to do! You might find, as some of us have, that you’ll be hooked!
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